Proposed Commission on Russian hacker attacks

One of the authors of the bill stressed that any attempt by foreign powers to undermine American elections is an attack against the United States

Two congressmen-Democrat introduced in the House of representatives a bill to create an independent Commission to investigate the attempts of Russian intervention in elections in the United States.

The initiators of the bill became one of the leading Democrat on the Committee on oversight and government reform Elijah Cummings and the leading Democrat on the Subcommittee on the activities of the CIA intelligence Committee Eric Swalwell.

It is assumed that a non-governmental Commission will be established on the model of the Commission investigating the circumstances of the attacks of September 11, 2001, and will consist of 12 members from both parties.

In particular, the Commission is tasked with investigating a Russian hacker attacks on the national Committee of the Democratic party and hacking personal correspondence of John Podestà, the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. The Commission will also deal with the problems of scan election systems in some States and the spread of false news and propaganda.

“We have a responsibility to voters to uphold the integrity of our representative democracy, starting with establishing exactly what happened and how we can prevent repetition of these events, stated Swalwell, presenting the bill. – Even though our intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion that with high probability Russia intervened in the American elections, the extent of this intervention and the involvement of other state and non-state actors to this remains unclear”.

Cummings shares this view.

“It’s not a problem of Democrats or Republicans. It was an attack on our democracy, he said. – Any attempt by foreign powers to undermine our elections is a direct attack against our country, and this has deeply shaken every member of Congress, whether Republican or Democrat.”

In October the intelligence Agency, the United States openly accused the Russian authorities that they were behind several high-profile hacker attacks designed to influence public opinion during the election cycle.

However, the Russian government denies any involvement in the attacks.

President-elect Donald trump also expressed doubts that Russia was involved in the hacking attacks related to the election.

“I don’t believe they intervened,” said trump in an interview with Time magazine published Wednesday.

“Perhaps it is Russia. And maybe China. Maybe some guy, who did it from his home in new Jersey”, he added.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that he will head the investigation into the alleged Russian attacks on the subcommittees of Congress.

“I think trump needs to take a really tough stance against Russia, – said the Senator. Because if that happens, Russia will have the capability to destroy the alliances”.