Obama has spent more than $85 million on vacation during the presidency

MOSCOW, 7 Dec — RIA Novosti. Barack Obama in eight years at the head of the state spent on leisure travel and their families more than $ 85 million, according to the organization Judicial Watch, obtained access to documents of the U.S. Secret service about the expenses of the President.

On average, Obama family spent about $ 10 million a year. This amount covers the costs, including on security, flights and transfers, as well as on rental cars and hotel rooms for staff and employees of the U.S. Secret service.

The President’s family every year at Christmas on Hawaii, and this year is no exception. Since the couple intends to again rest on the Islands for the budget money, the amount these organization cannot be considered final.

Judicial Watch brings a detailed report about the vacation of the family in 2015, summing up that the rest of Obama has cost $ 4.8 million.

January 20, Barack Obama will officially hand the powers of the presidency elected in November, Donald Trump.

The salary of the President of the United States is $400 thousand per year, the White house may also dispose of the account for personal expenses of $50 thousand a year, he is available to Fund travel for $100 thousand and $19 thousand for entertainment.

Trump said that he will refuse the salary, and in his new post, will receive 1 dollar.