Night shelling of Donetsk in the Kuibyshev district injured two people, damaged 13 houses

On the night of December 8 during the fire injured two civilians in Kuibyshev district of the occupied Donetsk. Man and woman taken to hospital. Also on six streets damaged 13 homes.

Like misleading fake the authorities of the regional centre, houses partially destroyed on the streets of Chemists, Grodno, Severodvinsk, Arbatskoe, Friendship and So on. In addition, shrapnel damaged gas distribution pipelines.

In the Kuibyshev district was injured two people. It is known that they were taken to the hospital. Status affected no details.

In social networks, the residents reported that the residents of Kiev district heard volleys of heavy weapons.

“Thunder (from them or from others) in eg. The sand”.

“Avdiivka 00-26. And we continue to listen to the sounds of arrival in the u-z”.

“Donetsk, battery cord.arty is somewhere in Sheglov. carbide or maybe between him and Putilovka”.

“Southwest, I can hear well with the Waterfront.”

“I have these from the South zae……Lee! Again, apparently, took a fancy to the old place for the 11th village,” wrote the Pitmen.

Earlier it was reported that due to heavy fighting near Donetskmoscowtrain Avdiivka coke. At the headquarters of ATO also told mosnaim the shelling of Shirokino.