Lucid motor forges electric vehicle battery deal with Samsung SDI

Lucid motors, in partnership with the electronics has forged giant Samsung SDI, the supply of lithium-ion battery cells for upcoming electric-car company’s first production vehicle, a BMW 5 Series rival, due to the end of 2018.

The two companies were to have a claim designed the next-generation cylindrical cells that exceed the “in the situation, the current performance benchmarks in areas such as energy, density, power, calendar life and safety”.

The cells are also said to respond to repeated cheaper to load faster than many of today’s battery packs.

Lucid is the Director of battery technology, Albert Liu, said: “I was very pleased with the results, in cooperation with Samsung SDI in the development of a cell, the chemistry, the our stringent standards.

“Samsung SDI will be combined to develop your in-house chemistry know-how with massive real-world datasets and state-of-the-art battery models of Lucid, a cell, the load is both energy dense and resistant to damages in connection with on the fly.”

Lucid, a rapidly developing Chinese-backed American company wants to operation, the development of cars for the use of ride-sharing services, whereby the strong battery performance is a prerequisite, since the vehicles are likely to be near-constant-around-the-clock.

Last week, Lucid announced that the construction of the first production electric vehicle in a factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. A prototype version of the car is already on the road.

Samsung SDI supplies batteries for several well-established electric vehicles, including the BMW i3 and i8.