“They prevent my grandson to be happy”: the Dnipropetrovsk great-grandmother great-grandchildren strangled and hanged herself – found a suicide note

A terrible tragedy occurred yesterday in the village of Hannivka in the Dnipropetrovsk region. 75-year-old great-grandmother smothered her great-grandchildren, 4-year-old Fraction and 3-year-old Nastya, and then hanged herself. In addition, the home had 24-year-old Victor Hohlov, father of the dead children. The day before the tragedy, he asked the grandmother to watch the kids, and myself went to visit my parents. He also found in his house three dead.

At first, everyone thought that children
poisoned with carbon monoxide, but after found hanged in the barn and grandma
her suicide note and everything became clear. Suicide wrote that grandchildren
she killed, but to blame the ex-wife of Victor, who lived separately and in
a new family was brought up one unborn child. An elderly woman
he explained his action by saying that he wanted to help his grandson to arrange a personal life, and
children, according to her, only it hurt.

Family in the village was good
account, suicide worked for more than 20 years as an accountant in the village Council, she
respected. The father of the dead children was a hard worker, he tirelessly worked on
the farm uncle.

My wife and Victor met at 18
years, kids were born, but the couple that something went wrong and they broke up. Son and
daughter is not shared, the children often stayed with the mother, but always lived together with
father and great-grandmother.

After the birth of her third child
Nastya has moved to live with my mother, but then the woman asked the former spouse
to pick up daughter, as her two children was hard.

Locals say that it
the third child from his ex-wife grandson and pushed the pensioner to the terrible
crime: she decided that the mother of these children no longer need.

Children and their great-grandmother was buried
separately, the cemetery is also carried separately. First said goodbye to the kids, then
elsewhere the land had betrayed the suicide.For such in Hannivka there is a separate
a place in the cemetery.

Earlier it was reported how a young mother in Kiev was locked up for 9 days, their son and daughter, who were 1 and 2 years,
accordingly, and leaving them a couple of chocolates for sustenance and left.

The boy died from hunger 3
Dec, his sister survived, but is in a very serious condition.