No money, get ready: Putin spent 2/3 of the Reserve Fund

Rapidly Russia is close to economic crisis: the contingency Fund has less than 2/3 of the funds. According to the draft budget for 2017-19 years, the money will be fully expended next year. In the future, the funding deficit will be financed from the national welfare Fund (now here 4,63 trillion roubles).

After three months pause, the Russian Ministry of Finance
resumed the expenditure of the Reserve Fund. The Federal Treasury note,
in August from the Fund in the Federal budget poured into 390 billion. In total
difficulty starting in 2016, the Kremlin withdrew from the reserves of 1.17 trillion rubles.

Economists expect that December will be a serious blow to the “safe”
Of the Kremlin. It is expected that this month, the Fund will take another 930 billion
rubles, leaving slightly more than trillion.

The perspective of spending could mean
final sagging Russian economy and close financial crisis. After
for the Reserve Fund, Moscow will spend the money of the sovereign wealth Fund, after which
additional sources of maintenance of the ruble, Russia will not be.

Earlier it was reported that connectivity of the Russian Reserve fondatorul to be exhausted in 2016. Earlier bolshih issues, the Kremlin said the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.