In the Obolon district of Kyiv prevented a terrorist attack, the police said details about the failed massive explosion

Explosive device found by a passerby. By a lucky chance, has done without victims: at this time near the post office is not so crowded. However, one can only imagine the extent of the damage, if stretching detonated.

It turned out that the unknown yesterday
6 Dec, found an RGD-5 grenade with a fuse, so the ammunition could detonate in
any time and destroy not only the post office, but also to cause damage
others, reported in the capital of Ukraine.

The explosive device was
neutralized arrived on the scene by the police.In addition, it became known that
the grenade was attached to the metal wire and fixed on that place where
there was a mail truck.

The police finds out, who
had become a victim of the bomb and who set the tripwire.

Recall that in
Kiev not so long ago unknown mined head office Roshen and all his stores,promising Kiev a series of powerful explosions.

It was reported Takuo mining plant “Obolon”,after which he was evacuated,
as unknown has warned that the explosives were laid in one of the shops.