2017 CES consumer electronics show – view

Every year in January, CES (consumer electronics show) showcases the technologies to look forward to next year. The auto industry has somewhat stole the show in recent years, with electric and Autonomous revolutions now in the spotlight.


Continental is honored in 2017 CES show, in its short radar trailer merge assist and trailer detection system of the length, which acts as a blind spot warning for towing the driver, and automatically determines the length of the trailer. Continental is scheduled to make a presentation and receive awards.

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Although not the manufacturers manufacturers of the technology Delphi and Mobileye is one of the largest automotive exhibitions at CES 2016, demonstrations of products in eight categories. Among auto accessories, telecommunications and infrastructure, transport technology, and wireless service and devices. Their main exhibit, they will demonstrate a 6.3 miles of Autonomous driving on the streets of Las Vegas.

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Faraday The Future

Faraday showed its future concept hypercar FFZero1 at last year’s CES, but this year will debut its first production model, as yet unnamed SUV, which was the subject of lengthy and ongoing campaign preview. In-wheel motors and a large, Tesla-rivaling the expected range, but nothing is yet confirmed.

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Honda NeuV

Honda takes an emotional approach to the CES, as it reveals his concept NeuV engine artificial intelligence ‘emotion’ exhibition. Of course, it’s-EV, but on top of that, it will be equipped with technology that will help to avoid traffic jams, new forms of communication, written at the cooperative mobility ecosystem, not the car.

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Hyundai Ioniq offline

Another mobile display at CES is a demonstration of its Autonomous, Hyundai Ioniq. The fourth option on Ioniq’s name, the concept will drive itself along the Las Vegas to showcase their offline software. The technology is expected to make it into production Hyundai to the end of the decade.

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Nissan main

Renault-Nissan and Mitsubishi boss Carlos Ghosn is the keynote speech at CES. The band announced that this gon will cover the vision of Nissan’s future mobility, and also announced technological developments and partnerships. As a taster, Nissan has already revealed its plans for the mobility scheme on the basis of the new Micra in Paris.

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NVIDIA is a name more often associated with gambling, but this year the tech company will present its latest developments in unmanned vehicles and artificial intelligence, in addition to its traditional stomping ground of the game. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has already given the pre-show presentation, which you can watch above.

Rinsed Oasis


Rinspeed known supplier of exotic and technology-heavy car will take a car-sharing-oriented, Autonomous concept at CES this year. As part of the party, the car can rotate on the spot for easy Parking, and the windshield has a built in augmented and virtual reality technologies.


Toyota will be at CES in the new year, presenting their latest achievements and innovations in the field of research and development, with a focus on artificial intelligence. No details were given about where innovation will be applied, but it is likely that they will be connected to Autonomous driving Toyota’s.

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