To Restore The Donbass. Between Lysychansk and Severodonetsk of the restored bridge, destroyed in 2014, separatists

Builders believe the new bridge one of the best facilities of this type in Ukraine for overhaul use the most current technology available.

Tuesday, 6
Dec, in the Luhansk region Severodonetsk between the temporary duty
the regional center, and Lisichansk commissioned the restored bridge
through the Seversky Donets, the press service of the Severodonetsk city Council
reports “Dialog UA”.

the opening of this bridge at least twice will shorten the travel time of
one-thousandth of the city in Luhansk region, and will open to
Severodonetsk able to use the nearest railway station

I think the new bridge one of the best facilities of this type in
Ukraine for overhaul used the new technology of
available. In addition, it is reported that the bridge has a new lighting.

information of the Severodonetsk city Council, only during the reconstruction of the bridge was
spent around 1.5 million euros, including nearly 100 thousand from the city budget
Severodonetsk, because the construction is on the balance of the city. Also
it is emphasized that the restoration of the bridge between Severodonetsk and
Lisichansk, was implemented by the foreign partners of Ukraine.

Recall, this
the bridge was blown up by terrorists Pro-Russian quasi “LC” in
July 2014, when the Ukrainian army liberated Slovyansk.

As previously
it was reported that the head of the Donetsk OVGA Paul zhebrivskyi said
about ambitious plans to restore the area.