The capture of Aleppo army Assad and the Russian Federation? This will not help peace process – Mogherini

The EU representative for foreign policy Federica Mogherini said that after Aleppo will be fully under the control of government forces of Bashar al-Assad, the peace process in Syria and will not be installed.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

argues that, despite the steady March of the army of Assad, with the support of
aviation of the Russian Federation in Aleppo, no peace it will bring.

Recall that in recent
time, Syrian government troops are conducting an active offensive against the
the moderate opposition. After the Syrian army seized the area
Tariq al-Bab, al-Assad began to control more
60% of the territory East of Aleppo.

However, the Syrian
the rebels did not think to give up so quickly – today, December 3, in the area
the local airport they got my number
aircraft of the Syrian air force. As it turned out, the Czechoslovakian
training and combat aircraft L-39 Syrian air force. The crew died on the spot.