Russia increased arms trade

The largest market share is still occupied by U.S. manufacturers

Arms manufacturers in Europe and Russia increased its share in the international market in 2015, but the dominant position was still occupied by their American competitors.

This is stated in a new report by the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies.

For Russian manufacturers this growth underlines “the commitment of the Ministry of defense to Fund military procurement, despite the economic difficulties”, says the Institute, whose members include experts on defense issues.

But while Russian exports grew by 6.2 percent in comparison with 2014, this figure was “significantly lower than the growth of 48.4 percent in the period from 2013 to 2014,” the report said.

The Institute has made a rating of 100 largest arms producers and military services, which, however, does not include China, does not provide meaningful information.

The first 12 places in the ranking are Western countries. The first place belongs to the American company Lockheed Martin with an income of 36.4 billion, followed by American aerospace giant Boeing ($28 billion) and British company BAE Systems (25.5 billion dollars).

Total sales fell 0.6 percent to 370,7 billion dollars. The Institute noted that the decline in sales continued for the fifth consecutive year.

North American arms manufacturers continue to dominate, despite the fact that their turnover fell 2.9 percent. Experts explain this by the limitations of budget expenditures, including military, and the strengthening us dollar also affects exports.

However, in Western Europe recorded growth of 6.6 percent. Western European manufacturers controlled 25.8 percent of the market compared to 8.1 percent owned by Russian companies.