In which Bank to go for premium service

Research company Frank RG introduced the rating of best banks for premium clients. According to her methods, these are people with a monthly income of 200 thousand rubles and the funds of 4 million

First place in the rating of Premium Banking Award for the second year in a row Raiffeisenbank. Second place at Alfa Bank. The five leaders also joined Promsvyazbank, Citibank and Sberbank.

In total, the study involved 13 banks, however, the results of the other participants, the company does not advertise. “We believe that it is important to understand who is the best, and focus on the leaders, and the results of other banks we provide directly to them”, — said the head of research, chief expert Frank Research Group in the segments of Affluent & Private Banking Love Prokopov.

The rating was calculated on the basis of the scores in seven categories: reliability, service organization, remote services, convenience, etc. Important parameter for wealthy clients, according to the study, is the ease of maintenance abroad and investment services.

In addition, analysts Frank RG called leaders in five separate directions. “The best was the Bank with the most balanced offer for all parameters, but there are banks that are particularly successful in only one category out of seven,” explains Prokopov. For example, Alfa-Bank became the best remote service. At Bank “Opening” — the best deals on non-banking privileges, which includes, for example, a Concierge service or access to the business Lounges. “Discovery” also provides the best banking products for premium customers. “The Bank has good rates on deposits, card application and the conditions for currency conversion, however, none of the top five banks received the highest rating for this criterion” — said the expert Frank RG.

Unlike last year’s rating in the top five were not included VTB24. The Bank is changing strategy with this category of clients, model of premium service in the Bank is undergoing some very important changes, reported the press service of VTB 24 in response to a request to RBC.

All other leaders were present in the top 5 last year (then fifth place was taken by two banks — Sberbank and Citibank). “Although other banks are also actively developing the premium service, the banks who do this for a long time, also do not stand still and new players harder to catch up with the leaders,” said Prokopov.

About rating

Of the 100 largest banks, which analysts Frank RG invited to participate in the survey, 13 responded. The researchers conducted expert interviews with managers of Premium Banking, as well as interviewed more than 3 thousand customers in the premium segment. According to the methodology of the study, it clients with a monthly income of 200 thousand rubles and the amount of not less than 4 million rubles on the accounts. Based on the survey was generated and distributed on the importance of seven categories, which were estimated award programs in banks. The most important clients called reliability, on the second place — the service and convenience of remote service, the third — Bank-offered products and services.

Analysts also organized 41 visits to offices of “mystery shoppers” and have opened 13 packs premium banking services. The reliability of banks is determined by two parameters: the Bank’s presence in the list of systemically important on the basis of the rating of reliability of banks Forbes. The convenience of remote service evaluated laboratory “Factory of Usability.” For each category, banks received a rating from A (best) to D (worst).

The demand for the premium program is growing

Wealthy customers are important for banks as they have relatively stable income and level of savings, says Love Prokopov. With it agrees the head of Department on work with wealthy clients PSB Vitaly Horny: customer rewards program PSB Orange Premium Club account for up to 30% of liabilities. The number of wealthy clients is small — about 5% of the number of retail customers, said the head of Department on work with clients of Raiffeisenbank premium Kirill Matveev.

Wealthy clientele in the last fifteen years a growing Russian banks — due to changes in tax legislation, the Russians close their accounts abroad and convert their savings in Russia, says the head of the investment Department at UFG Wealth Management Anton Tolmachev. People don’t trust banks and are reluctant to carry money, he said.

Those who still decided on this, now more interested in investing, said Vitaly Horny. “If earlier the premium the investor had enough foreign currency Deposit, now, when the stakes are no higher than 1%, many customers demand appears on the foreign investment instruments”, — says Kirill Matveev.

How to choose the best of the best

Trust funds should only the most reliable banks, says the founder of the consulting group “the Personal capital” Vladimir Savenok. “To understand how reliable a Bank is difficult, so as a premium to customers, and all the rest of you should go to the largest banks with state participation”, — the expert is categorical. Anton Tolmachev said that in addition to banks with state participation sustainable “daughters” of Western banks. “They have a diversified business model, and when foreign banks come to Russia, they severely limit their risks in contrast to the usual Russian banks,” — he explains.

Still, the West Bank, despite the need to deal with a tax inspection, is the perfect choice when it’s not just about reliability but also about income, Tolmachev said. “The volume of Russian market of dollar-denominated bonds — $140 billion, and the U.S. market — $18 trillion. It is clear that a wide range of tools of Russian Bank will not be able to provide,” he explains. Moreover, wealthy clients suitable low risk investments and investments in bonds, says Tolmachev.