The death toll from a fire at a music party in Oakland has risen to 30

The cause of the fire turns out

The number of deaths in a fire in Oakland, California (in the building where once stood the warehouse), on Sunday has reached 30 and may rise to 40 – as you continue to search. These are the consequences of the incident, which took place in the building the party was a disaster.

According to officials, until surveyed, only about 20 percent of the building. According to Melinda Dayton – representatives of local authorities, “it will be a long and difficult process, but we want to be sure that did everything possible in the name of the victims, their families and the safety of firefighters”.

On Friday evening the flames had reached the warehouse converted into art studios. They were not allowed to use either as dwellings or for recreational activities.

The building in which occurred tragedia, was named “the Ghost Ship”. According to officials, down in it could only the stairs made of wooden panels.

Many among the dead were twenty or thirty.

The cause of the fire in a building not equipped with sprinkler fire protection system, has not yet formally established. Experts arson investigators combing the building.