Italian media are actively discussing possible scenarios after the resignation, Renzi

ROME, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti, Natalia Shmakov. Italian media on Monday to actively discuss the upcoming resignation of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and make assumptions who of local politicians may take the vacated seat, giving preference to the incumbent Minister of economy and Finance pier Carlo Padoan and the President of the Senate Pietro Grasso.

At the Sunday referendum, almost 60% of Italians rejected the government’s proposed Renzi’s constitutional reform, involving primarily the reduction in the size and powers of the Senate. The Prime Minister acknowledged defeat and announced his intention to resign. Opposition forces demanded early parliamentary elections.
Possible candidates

According to the influential newspaper la Repubblica, the head of state in order to avoid the immediate return of voters to the ballot box, try to choose the most suitable candidate for the post of Prime Minister to head the interim technical government ensure stability in the country and try to change the electoral law.

Among the possible contenders for this seat the magazine says that current Minister of economy and Finance pier Carlo Padoan, the President of the Senate of the Republic Pietro Grasso and the Minister of infrastructure and transport Graziano, Delrio. In addition, according to la Repubblica, among the candidates are also called former Prime Ministers Romano Prodi and Giuliano Amato and former foreign Minister of Italy Emma Bonino.

“All will become clear at the end of the consultations at the presidential Quirinal Palace” — reminds the newspaper, adding, however, that, most likely, no new government can not act against the policy of Renzi and his Democratic party, which still has a relative majority in Parliament.
Five scenarios

In turn, the newspaper Corriere della Sera considers five possible scenarios after the withdrawal of Rienzi.

“The results of the constitutional referendum, an avalanche of “no” answers, which forced the Prime Minister to resign, opens up a whole range of scenarios. And the first of them is the dissolution of Parliament and elections, to which immediately began to call the supporters of “no” in the first place “5 star Movement”. But this decision, which is unlikely to support the majority party” — the newspaper notes.

A second possible scenario is a re-appointment of Prime Minister Renzi, the so-called “Renzi bis”, and the third is the appointment of a technical government. However, this development of the Corriere della Sera considers it unlikely.

The last two scenarios, according to the influential Milan newspaper, may be appointed as Prime Minister or President of the Senate Pietro Grasso, and make a new electoral law and hold elections in 2017, or the Minister of Finance pier Carlo Padoan, who is considered a politician close to Renzi, as well as a figure able to reassure the markets, will help to solve economic problems and will be able to lead the government until the end of the legislature, that is, until 2018.
Puzzle for Mattarella

Whatever the decision of the President, Sergio mattarella, the, upcoming resignation, Renzi will become the head of state of this “puzzle” according to the newspaper La Stampa.

“He will have to quickly determine a successor Renzi, to deliver Italy from the rage of the markets”, — notes the edition.

But first Mattarella will have to find out from the outgoing head of the government: the decision to leave is final, or whether he will be ready again to head the government, perhaps consisting of new Ministers, once held the necessary political debate in the Chamber of deputies and the Senate.

If Renzi will refuse such a scenario, the President will have to choose a new Prime Minister from the ranks of the Democratic party, and the possible candidates for La Stampa also says Padoan and Grasso.