Ben Carson: biography

Who is Ben Carson, who Donald trump was appointed Minister of housing?

The only candidate-an African American – an outstanding neurosurgeon, author and philanthropist

Full name: Benjamin Solomon Carson

Age: 63 (born September 18, 1951)

Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan

Education: psychologist (Yale University), doctor-neuro-surgeon (University of Michigan)

Marital status: married (wife – Lacina (candy) Carson), three sons, Murray, Benjamin Jr., Royce

Religion: Adventist

Party affiliation: independent informed voter in 2014 was registered as a Republican

Books: author of six best-selling books, including the autobiography “gifted hands: the story of Ben Carson” (1992), which in 2009 was shot the same film.

Twitter: @RealBenCarson

Curriculum vitae

Benjamin Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan, in the family of Robert Solomon Carson, pastor of the Church of seventh-day Adventists, and Sonya Carson (nee Copeland). When he was 8 years old, his parents divorced, the mother discovered that her husband was a parallel family. Ben Carson acknowledges that in his childhood he was in the “risk group” –grew up in a poor neighborhood overrun with drug dealers and regularly engage in a fight. Because of underachievement at school, classmates called him “dummy” (dummy). Carson’s mother was an uneducated woman (she finished only three grades of primary school), however, had a decisive influence on his son, limiting time watching TV and demanding that he with his elder brother Curtis read two books a week. Sonya Carson convinced her son that God has for every man there is a great purpose, and that if they make efforts, they will succeed. A turning point in 14 years but it was a fight with a classmate, who is Ben Carson tried to stab. Teenager rescued from a belt buckle – and Ben himself. the incident prompted the review of the conduct and life goals.

He managed to change his grades, he had a goal: to become a doctor.

1973 – receives bachelor’s degree at Yale University at the faculty of psychology (“at First I wanted to be a psychiatrist, but in medical school I changed my mind when found that psychiatrists actually do not do what they show on TV”).

1977 – graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Michigan, began working in the Children’s center at the Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore.

1984 – at the age of 33 became the youngest in the history of the hospital head of the Department of pediatric neurosurgery. Spending an average of 400 operations a year, Carson achieves significant advances in medicine, including improving rare surgery hemispherectomy – removal of one hemisphere of the brain, which is used in severe cases of epilepsy or brain tumor.

1987 – a team of 70 surgeons under his leadership, conducts the first successful operation to separate conjoined heads of Siamese twins. The operation, which is planned for five months, lasted 22 hours. Both twins – Patrick and Benjamin binder survive, Dr. Ben Carson gained worldwide fame.

2002 – Carson was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he undergoes successful treatment. Becoming one of the founders of the Fund for financial assistance to children from low-income families in need of a neurosurgeon

2008 – received the highest civil award of the USA – the Presidential medal of Freedom

2013, July – announces the end of a career of a neurosurgeon, decided “to leave at the peak”

2013-2014 – cooperating with the TV channel FOX NEWS as a commentator

3 may 2015 – declared their intention to run for President of the United States. Speaking in his hometown of Detroit, Carson said: “If the Lord will determine for us a place in the White house – we will change the government so that it resembled a well-run business.” The slogan of his campaign was: “to Heal. Inspire. To revive”.

4 March 2016 announced the termination of the election campaign, and subsequently supported the candidacy of former opponent in the primaries, Donald trump for President.

Ben Carson and Donald trump

On December 5, 2016 – President-elect Donald trump has appointed Ben Carson, the Secretary of housing in his administration. From the statements of trump: “Ben Carson has a brilliant mind and is actively working to strengthen community and family values. We conducted long conversations, discussing my plan for economic development and renewal of urban infrastructure. Ben shares my optimism about our country’s future, he believes I will be a President of all Americans and is willing to contribute. He is a strong fighter who never gives up”.

Political profile

Domestic policy

– Proposed to introduce a flat tax and eliminate the Tax service of the USA.

– Proposed to solve the problem of illegal immigrants, giving them access to the program for migrant workers – provided that they first leave the country, but their legal status will have to wait for secure jobs.

Instead of universal health insurance, suggested that the Federal government was annually transferred to each citizen $ 2000 in a savings account to cover medical expenses – the citizens themselves will be able to put money into this account without restrictions.

– Does not believe that the Federal government should set standards of school education.

– Opposes restrictions on the rights to possession of firearms – with the exception of the mentally ill and people convicted in the past for crimes of violence.

– Opposes same-sex marriage, however, after the Supreme court decision that recognized same-sex marriages at the Federal level, believes that the law must be observed. Stated that he believes homosexuality is a personal choice, later explained his position by saying that “no studies exist with certain conclusions.”

Against abortion after 20 weeks – with the exception of pregnancy as a result of violence, incest or threat to the life of the mother.

Against the legalization of marijuana for entertainment purposes – says her “starter” drug, is ready to consider legalizing medical marijuana.

According to Carson, climate change is cyclical, and discussions on this topic distract from discussing the real issues.

Foreign policy

Is called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “bully” in may 2015 in an interview with the TV channel Fox has declared that does not exclude the possibility of using military force against Russia if there is a threat to US security – but he wouldn’t start a war over Ukraine. It is believed that the US and allies have not done enough to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression, and that this creates the wrong message to U.S. allies in the world.

– Said that the Pentagon needs to intensify efforts to destroy the terrorist group “Islamic state” and that “it is impossible to tie military hands.”

According to Carson, Iran can be a more dangerous enemy than Islamic state. Believes that Congress had to take a more active part in the preparation of the agreement with Iran to limit its nuclear program.


Ben Carson was baptized twice, in 12 years, he told the rector of the Church, when he was baptized in infancy, he does not quite understand the process – and he was baptized again.

– Despite the fact that he often teaches in the Sabbath school at the Adventist Church of the seventh day, he also attends churches of other denominations.

Ben Carson is a deeply religious throughout his 36-year career in medicine, he prayed before each operation.

In addition to the Presidential medal of freedom, Ben Carson получил38 honorary degrees and a number of honorary titles, including the recognition of it in 2001-the year of “Living legend” in the framework of the project of the Library of Congress.

– He was the only candidate of African-American in the presidential race of 2016.

– The US presidents were lawyers, generals, actor – but was not yet President, doctor.

Memorable quotes

“I want people looking at my story, understood that the greatest responsibility for what happens to you is yourself. This is not the environment, it’s not other people who tried to help you or to stop you”.

“Our children need to see and hear more about the role models among the black, so they can make better decisions.”

“When did we become a monarchy? We, you know, people. The President works for us, and we should remember.”

“I believe that the “Obamacare” (health care reform Obama, HA) is the worst thing that happened to this country since slavery – and in fact it is something like slavery, because we all become dependent on government.”

“I’ve always said, if two people think exactly the same – one of them is not necessary.”

“Corporations are in business not for charity – they are created to make money.”

“Our society is very similar to Nazi Germany. And I know I shouldn’t say “Nazi Germany”, but I don’t care about political correctness. There they had a government which has intimidated the population. Now we live in a society where people are afraid to Express what they really believe.”