20 best TV shows and TV shows 2016 version of the Rolling Stone

It’s the story of two brothers who dream to make a career in the music business. However, the ambitious city of Atlanta has prepared for them a lot of obstacles. Starring Donald Glover (Donald Glover) and Brian Tyree Henry (Brian Tyree Henry).

Frame from the series “American crime story”

The first season of the detective series-the anthology “American crime story” (American Crime Story) dedicated to the murder committed by American football player O. J. Simpson (O. J. Simpson). His lawyer Robert Kardashian (Robert Kardashian), father of the Kardashian sisters, played by the star of the TV series “Friends” (Friends), David Schwimmer (David Schwimmer). The second season of the series will be devoted to the consequences of hurricane Katrina, and the third — the killing of Gianni Versace (Gianni Versace).

The action series is “Very strange things” (Stranger Things) with Winona Ryder (Winona Ryder) is 1983 in Indiana, USA. There mysteriously disappears 12-year-old will Byers. His mother goes to the police, and the friends go in search of themselves. In the forest they meet a girl with unusual abilities who has escaped from a secret government lab. The continuation of the story we’ll see in 2017: the series renewed for a second season.

Still from the TV series “Black mirror”

Yet successfully completed the third season of the frightening anthology “Black mirror” (Black Mirror) on the impact of new technologies on human rights. Next year, Netflix plans to release another one. Series are not related to each other: the action takes place in different times, in different places and with different characters.

The rest of the series and shows:

5. Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

6. “The Americans”

7. “Game of thrones”

8. “Flybag”

9. “Orange — hit of the season”

10. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

11. “Obvious”

12. “Vice-President”

13. “Difficult people”

14. “All the better”

15. “Horse Bodzek”

16. “Broad City”

17. “Horace and Pete”

18. “You are the incarnation of Vice”

19. “Explosive stuff”

20. “Rush delivery”