Fire: new video solo album of Regina Todorenko

Singer Regina todorenko today presented long-awaited solo album is Fire and the video for the same song. In the shootings took part in thirty professional dancers, and Director and choreographer was Elena Chirwa.

“It’s very emotional, cheerful, energetic clip — shared Regina. — This video is about a dream. Its heroine is an ordinary girl who lives in the village and wants to learn to dance. She is a modern Cinderella whose dream one day comes true. I want the story we told in this clip, became for many an example of how our dreams come true.”

The singer said that the album contains everything that happened in her life during the world tour. The album consists of 13 tracks, including songs known to the audience Heart’s beating, “I need You”, “Mama”, Liverpool, and brand new.

“This album is all me. This is all that happened to me during the 26 years of my life, that I was holding in for a very long time, something that could not let go, could not show because he was afraid that listeners and viewers will not accept this”, — says Todorenko.

Most of the songs in the album dance, positive charging, happiness and joy. “Sing a lyrical song is not difficult, but to have fun and truly enjoy life, not everyone can. I want people to be happy”, — said Todorenko.