A diplomatic scandal after a telephone conversation trump the leader of Taiwan

Such a conversation can be considered a precedent, after Washington broke off diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979

China announced on Saturday that they declared the protest in connection with a telephone conversation elected President of the USA of Donald trump and the President of Taiwan.

“We have already made a serious representation about it to the American side, – said the Chinese foreign Ministry in a statement. – It should be noted that there is only one China. Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory”.

Trump has wiped out almost four decades of diplomatic Protocol on Friday to talk with the President of Taiwan, Cai Inven. The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday that he hoped that this phone call will not harm Beijing’s relations with Washington.

He introduced the conversation as “just a small trick of Taiwan.”

China argues that democratic Taiwan is part of its territory, and that he never renounced the possibility of using military force to bring the island under the control of Beijing.

Trump’s widely criticized on Friday for this conversation, to which he responded with a tweet: “the President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to congratulate me on my victory in the presidential election”.

Later, trump added in a tweet: “I Wonder how it is that the United States sell Taiwan military equipment worth billions of dollars, and I shouldn’t reply to a congratulatory call”.

Telephone conversation trump with the President of Taiwan is viewed by many as a move that destroys decades of political approach and could lead to increased tensions with China before joining trump for President.

A call is considered to be the first such contact between the President or the President-elect of the US and a Taiwanese leader since the United States broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

In a telephone conversation, Cai expressed his hope that the United States will continue to support the participation and contribution of Taiwan in international Affairs, according to a statement issued by the presidential administration of Taiwan.

“They also exchanged views on the regional situation in Asia, as well as about the future relations between Taiwan and the United States. President (Cai) hopes to strengthen bilateral contacts and closer cooperation”, said the government of Taiwan.

A representative of the trump Kellyann Conway said that the President-elect “knowledgeable” about US policy in relation to Taiwan.

“The President-elect trump fully informed and fully aware about these aspects on an ongoing basis, regardless of who is on the other end,” said Conway on Friday to CNN.

Cai is fluent in English, so a translator was not needed in the conversation, which lasted more than 10 minutes. Foreign Minister of Taiwan, David Lee, and national security adviser Tsai Joseph Wu was also present at the conversation.

The reaction of the Obama administration

The white house was not aware of the call until he was held, told The New York Times a senior member of the Obama administration. He said, however, that after the trump conversation with Cai there are “no changes” in long-standing U.S. policy of “one China.”

“We remain firmly committed to our policy of “one China”, – said the Agency Reuters, Ned Price, a spokesman for the national security of the US President Barack Obama. – Our fundamental interest lies in peaceful and stable relations in the area of the Strait (between Taiwan and mainland China)”.

The state Department declined to comment on whether he was notified the transition team or did he receive any request to talk about current U.S. policy toward China and Taiwan to a phone call.

“Our job is to offer assistance, whether assistance, translation, or explanation of context, what we have done and will continue to do,” said on Friday the press-Secretary of the state Department, John Kirby.

“But the degree to which it is used is determined by the transition team, and in fact correct to tell her about this,” added Kirby.

Pribus Raines, Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party, which trump described as his chief of staff, met with Cai in October of last year, when he headed the Republican delegation to Taiwan.

A radical change?

According to experts, the conversation trump and Cai shows a clear gap with the so-called reversal of Barack Obama to Asia and could be a sign of a radical change.

“While one phone call, of course, can not replace a clear strategy for Asia or the rest of the world, President-elect trump has shown the courage to shake up the status quo on foreign policy issues, which are of paramount importance”, says Harry Kazianis, Director of the Centre for defence studies, national interests.

John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN during the presidency of George H. W. Bush on Friday met with trump. Bolton, who is a candidate for the post of Secretary of state in the administration of the tramp, advocated “increasing” the level of relations with Taiwan.

“The new US administration to start to formally adopt Taiwanese diplomats in the state Department, to raise the status of the US mission in Taipei with the private “Institute” before the official of the diplomatic mission, to extend an invitation to the President of Taiwan to officially visit America, to allow high-ranking US officials to visit Taiwan for Affairs of state, and ultimately, to restore a full diplomatic recognition,” wrote Bolton in an article for the Wall Street Journal earlier this year.