The U.S. Congress passed a bill to extend sanctions against Iran

Tehran declares its readiness to retaliate

Tehran threatens retaliation after the U.S. Senate gave final congressional approval to the extension of the law on sanctions against Iran. Lawmakers from both parties believe that this decision is of extreme importance to ensure the implementation of a multilateral agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

“Iran has proved that it adheres to its international agreements, but he also had adequate responses to all situations, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of Iran Bahram ghasemi. – Expansion of sanctions by the United States Congress is a violation of agreements.”

Hashemi did not specify what measures can take Iran.

Last month Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the bill on sanctions is a violation of nuclear agreements and threatened retaliation.

“They’re bluffing, – said the expert on the Middle East Matthew McInnis American enterprise Institute in Washington. – The Iranians are very committed to it. They are aware that the long-existing Law on sanctions against Iran, likely to be extended”.

For the bill on Thursday voted 99 out of 100 senators. In the House of representatives, the bill was passed last month by 419 votes to one.

Lawmakers from both parties argue that the U.S. must remain the levers of pressure on Iran.

“The continuation of these sanctions is critical, given the alarming aggression of Iran and its ongoing efforts to expand the sphere of influence in the middle East,” said Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell.

Entered into force two decades ago, the sanctions were aimed at addressing Iran’s support of international terrorism. After the conclusion of the agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program in the past year, the sanctions were partially lifted, but the legislators felt that to completely abandon them should not be.

“Joint Comprehensive plan of action calls for the resumption of sanctions if Iran violates the provisions of the agreement, – said the Senator from Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin. – To have this opportunity, you need to keep the sanctions regime”.

Elected President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the nuclear agreement in the course of the campaign. “The dumbest deal of all time, – said trump during the final presidential debate in October. The deal, which clearly would give Iran a nuclear weapon. Iran should send us another letter with an expression of gratitude.”

Lawmakers do not rule out further measures to increase pressure on Iran.

“The President-elect trump and his administration will have the tools necessary to counter the hostile actions of the regime,” said Senator Bob Corker, who is among the candidates for the post of Secretary in the new administration.

The White house noted that President Obama has broad authority to impose sanctions against Iran, regardless of specific legislation, however, did not warn about the possibility of a veto of the bill.

“The administration keeps and used with considerable powers to impose sanctions against Iran, and we are not afraid to use them, – said the press Secretary of the White house Josh Ernest. – We will consider this bill”.