The national team of Ukraine with the song about Putin defeated the team of Serbia

Match for the blue-yellow started pretty intense, but our team was able to turn the tide of the match.

November 15, the national football team of Ukraine held in Kharkov friendly
meet team Serbia, reports

Serbia –
rival for Ukraine are quite reasonable and you can tell – equal. The Last Euro
and world Championships for both teams are unsuccessful, but in the current cycle
selection for the 2016 world Cup and Serbia, and Ukraine occupy the second place in their groups
besides having typed equal quantity of points.

Kharkiv “blue-yellow” were guaranteed by the powerful. At the stadium, in addition to
other things, fans chanted the famous obscene chant about Putin (to
the way, in Kharkov, local fans of “Metalist” for the first time and
sang in 2014).

The match for
the national team of Ukraine began the stress. Already on 4-th minute Pavlovich struck out
limits of our free-kick just over the crossbar, and in the next attack of the guests he left
went out on a shock position and shot – if not the way smartly out of the gate, had
if the Ukrainians to get the ball out of their nets.

Only after
two ten-minute segments of the match, the Ukrainians managed to create a semblance of an attack.
Her from outside the penalty completed shahs – goalkeeper Rajkovic was in place.

Soon the “blue-yellow”
cleaned initiative to his hands, and their attacks became more acute.

The long-awaited
the goal of the Ukraine national team fans in the stands of the stadium was seen
only in the 38th minute. Fedetskiy gave a good pass into the penalty area of the Serbs on the Cuckoo,
he couldn’t take the ball, but the time arrived, the shahs, which line the square
gate accurate shot – 1:0.

In the beginning
the second half Ukrainian team was trapped in their penalty area. According to
some football experts, at least one of the two episodes was the Foundation of the
to appoint a penalty kick in the gates smartly. In one case, a rotan free-kick in came on
the leg Rolled, the other ball found in the Ukrainian penalty area hand Ordets. Swedish
referee Martin Strembergsson was loyal to the owners, and the account has not changed.

Soon the Serbs
organized another promising attack ended with a header Markovic –
Boyko is not easily repulsed leather projectile flying like a cannon.

the coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko, seeing the situation, made the necessary
replacement. After entering the field of Andriy Yarmolenko, our team began to possess
possession and attack is much sharper.

the match remained almost to the end, while the Ukrainians have not conducted a counter-attack in the 87th
minute: Besedin passed the ball to Yarmolenko, who I. shot down in the Serbian penalty area.
Andrew himself and converted the spot-kick – 2:0.

The remaining minutes passed quietly, and the final
the whistle has fixed a victory of wards of Shevchenko.

In principle, friendly
this match is difficult to call, given the foreign policy relations between Ukraine,
suffering from Russian aggression; and Serbia, loyal to Russia and at the same time
resentful towards the West for the events of 1999. More for the reporting of the match
suitable status “control

the Ukrainian team players are leaving their clubs, and gather in the spring in preparation
for the qualifying match of the 2016 world Cup against Croatia.

We will remind, 12
November national team of Ukraine in the framework of the world Cup qualifiers minimal beat Finland

friendly game with Serbia players of the national team of Ukraine visited the participants of the ATO
in the Kharkiv hospital.