The advantage of Clinton over trump in the number of voters for her voters is growing

According to trump, he would win not only in the electoral College, but by the number of votes, if not for the votes of illegal immigrants

The candidate from Democratic party on elections in 2016, Hillary Clinton will not become President of the United States, but the gap in the number of votes cast for her in the fight against Republican Donald trump continues to increase as the completion of the counting of the ballots.

On Thursday the first of December, that figure stood at over 2.5 million, surpassing the gap, characteristic of the ten candidates who won in the presidential election. Donald trump, however, won the key swing States. Recall that in the framework of two-stage electoral system of the United States the decision of the election is accepted by voting of the electoral College who represent the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

The electoral College traditionally vote along party lines. The number of its representatives from the state in proportion to its population, so larger States have a great importance for the outcome of the fight. Trump has won many States by a small margin, but won 306 electoral votes against 232’s, recruited Clinton. The candidate-the Democrat won a convincing victory in California (where it still continues to count ballots of absentee voting) and new York, which provided her an advantage from the point of view of the total number of votes cast for it voters.

Earlier this week, trump expressed his irritation in connection with increasing isolation, Clinton, claiming – without proof – that he would have won and the number of votes cast voter, if millions of illegal immigrants didn’t get a chance to vote. In the US, only citizens have voting rights, and experts say that evidence of widespread violations in this election, no.

Donald trump continues to build his administration, which will begin work January 20.

Despite the fact that the chances of changing the outcome of no elections, the leader of the green Party Jill Stein – with the support of the campaign headquarters, Clinton called for the recount of votes in three States where trump won Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The first of December in Wisconsin initiated the recount. According to the previous data, trump was victorious in the state with advantage, amounting to 22 thousand votes out of almost three million. In Pennsylvania, the gap is 64 thousand, and in mi – 11 thousand.