Obama believes that marijuana should be controlled like tobacco

The President considers it unacceptable that the Federal authorities have to seriously follow differing state laws

President Barack Obama believes that marijuana should be treated as a “public health problem – as well as to cigarettes and alcohol.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Obama said that he does not believe that the legalization of marijuana would end drug war in America.

At the same time, he suggested that the adoption of a national regulation is more effective than maintaining a situation where the laws of the state in conflict with Federal law.

“The situation when the Ministry of justice or the Office for the fight against drugs is necessary to enforce disparate laws, when for acts legal in one state, you can get 20 years in prison in another, is unsustainable in the long term,” he said.

At present, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is permitted in eight States and the district of Columbia Metropolitan. The use of marijuana for medical purposes legalized in 26 States and the district of Columbia. In addition, the possession of marijuana in small amounts decriminalized in several major cities.