Buzz Aldrin evacuated from the South pole

86-year-old astronaut was in Antarctica as a tourist

Buzz Aldrin, one of the first people to set foot on the moon, evacuated from the South pole on Thursday the first of December after he felt myself bad.

The national science Foundation (NSF) decided to evacuate the 86-year-old Aldrin station “Amundsen-Scott” in Antarctica to a hospital located in New Zealand. This was reported in the Agency’s statement.

NSF has sent a cargo plane for Aldrin, who was in Antarctica as a tourist, after a request of the tour operator White Desert, which organized his trip.

In a statement posted on the website of the White Desert, reported that the condition deteriorated Aldrin while he was on the trip, and that the decision about the evacuation was taken “as a precaution” after consultation with doctors.

“His condition was described as stable to the transfer of a patient from a physicians White Desert in the medical management of the Antarctic programs of the USA”, – stated in the message.

Buzz Aldrin became world famous in 1969 when he, as lunar module pilot of the mission “Apollo 11” was the second man to walk on the moon