The OSCE does not always see the attacks by the “DNR” because they can afford “to overlook”, it is impossible to hide, activist

Whatever independent was the observation mission of the OSCE, it is somehow affected by the policy. About this on air of one of Ukrainian television said the coordinator of the project “Stop the terror” Simon Kubakaev.

“The blind received sight, as some say, but again not to be so skeptical. So, we know that there are Pro-Russian people in the OSCE, and everyone can see it… But anyway to the world, in Europe, the USA, NATO, all of these materials are displayed, reports can be provided, and, therefore, is just at hand, when the OSCE fixes things (the fire fighters – “Dialogic”). We must immediately report such things. Of course, not always the OSCE arrives, when firing, we should say, that too should be our official position,” he said.

Karakaev added: “last week we saw that released a statement about what was learned during his observation of the movement from the territory of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, about 30 thousand people in uniform. They are so abstract it is said. But it is very serious, in fact, the statement… it’s a shame that they just now announced. The OSCE is also a politician, one way or another, no matter how independent they were not, politics affects them too”.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed that Obsessively transfer more than 30 thousand Russian soldiers in the Donbass.