8 ways to look fresh, if you haven’t slept all night

In life there are different situations: you have had a good time the night before, sick or not enough sleep. And in the morning you need to look fresh and be rosy-cheeked beauty. Tell you what I do.

1. Drink a glass of water with lemon, wash in cold water, and then go back to bed for 20 minutes, but with patches under the eyes and a cloth mask on her face.

2. My head with cool water, ideally, also shampoo with a cooling effect, which stimulates microcirculation in the scalp. Then dry hair, lowering head down and wind the crazy curls: hair should cover his face and to divert the attention.

3. Paint a face moisturizers to have on hand: serum, moisturizer, moisturizing and smoothing base under makeup. And then choose the light Foundation or better BB cream. Dry, tired, dull skin (and that it is after a stormy party, poisoning or disease) to any other tone will be noticeable. And most important rule — no dust and no brasero: gray complexion, they will not disguise, and underlined.

4. Well drawn eyebrows — let them distract attention from dark circles.

5. The eyes are usually not painted at all: due to lack of sleep the skin around them dry and it is very noticeable wrinkles. But I can draw a thin gold arrow and quite a bit to tint the lashes. By the way, Golden makeup trend this season.

6. But the pink blush is what you need, best cream. Smile, apply it on the apples of the cheeks and blend. No strength to smile? Put the blush in my purse, I will add them later when you will feel better.

7. Take lip balm volume of bodily or bright berry shade. The goal is the same — signs of fatigue more pronounced under the eyes, so the focus should be on the other side of the face.

8. And last — this advice I got from one of the Hollywood Actresses: wear dress with sweetheart neckline. Checked — works. However, in no case do not complain, do not get enough sleep or feel unwell, do not believe it!

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