White house: evidence of election fraud no

On the eve of President-elect trump said about the millions of people who voted illegallyWASHINGTON

No evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential elections in day of voting on 8 November, was not charged, said Monday the White house. The comment about that was made in connection with the appearance last weekend with a message on Twitter in which the US President-elect Donald trump said about the millions of illegal votes and voter fraud in three States.

In this context, trump mentioned, in particular, Virginia, California and new Hampshire, which defeated the candidate of the Democrats Hillary Clinton. The reason for the appeal of the elected President to this subject was the news that team Clinton will take part in the official recount of votes in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which initiated the candidate of the green party in the last election Jill Stein. The majority of the votes in these States received a trump.

During a regular briefing, press Secretary the White house Josh Ernest suggested to address for comments on this issue to the transition team of Donald trump. However, he added: “I Can say – as objective fact – that there was no evidence justifying such statements.”