Ukraine accuses the EU of violating the Agreement on Association and asks not to allow the supply of Russian gas to bypass Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada intends to send to the EU a request to prevent delivery of Russian gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine.

For this decision voted 264 deputies, according to

According to the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada to the parliaments and Executive authorities of countries-members of EU on the strengthening of cooperation in the field of energy security and the potential risks of construction projects of transit gas pipelines to bypass Ukraine No. 5329, the deputies asked the parliaments of European countries to consolidate into a single position and to prevent the adoption of “politically motivated decisions”.

Such treatment of MPs was formed after the European Commission has allowed the “Gazprom” by 32% to increase the capacity of the gas flow through the pipeline OPAL. Because of this, according to deputies, Ukraine may lose from 290 to 320 million dollars of revenue.

At the same time, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that the decision of the European Commission violates the Agreement on Association with Ukraine.

In addition, parliamentarians are concerned that the supply of fuel to Europe to bypass Ukraine and deprive the country of the European gas competition and increase the monopolistic position of Gazprom.

In the appeal to the countries of the European Union members urged to support Ukraine in carrying out energy reform, to participate in the improvement of the gas transportation system of Ukraine and to promote the implementation of international treaties in the topic of energy security of Ukraine and the European Union.

Earlier the Minister of energy Russiasecond have Novasaur that Russia and Turkey have drafted an agreement on the construction of a new pipeline bypassing Ukraine.