The gang in masks attacked a military vehicle in Kharkiv – the stolen briefcase with secret papers of the Ministry of defense, introduced the plan “Interception”

About two hours ago in Kharkiv, was attacked by members of the military courier service, carried in a special auto classified documents. The unknown in the mask in front of people ran to the car, broke the glass, grabbed the briefcase and fled in an unknown direction.

the press service of the Kharkiv region police said that the criminals fled in
the car, in the region introduced a plan “Interception”. Information on the state of emergency brought in eRDR.

military vehicle admitted that the attack was very unexpected. To the car
out of nowhere, ran up three
masked men abruptly broke the glass. The attackers then grabbed the briefcase
with the secret service documentation and, once in the car, hastily left the scene
of the incident.

Law enforcers establish the circumstances of the Commission
crimes and searching for criminals.

Earlier suomalaiselle in Kharkov “Surkov’s plan” to destabilize the situation.

the end of November the city will patrol reinforced national police and
The national guard in case of possible provocations and sabotage.