Killer shot of the Tatar Prince musalaeva: German police revealed details

The evening of November 18, approximately at 18:00 in front of his house in Neu-Ulm was shot kickboxer No. 1 in the world, Russian Musa Musalaev. The killer fled the scene in a dark car.

According to“Russian conversation” eyewitnesses saw the killer athlete. Presumably, it was a man with a closed black mask face. After the fatal shots he immediately got in the car, where it waited, perhaps for a partner.Musalaeva was 37 years old.

At the same time, the head of the criminal police of Neu-Ulm jürgen Schweizer said that the security forces have several important clues, which have shed light on the murder. Rumors about a possible connection musalaeva with the Russian mafia in Germany not comment.

Musalaev, despite the Russian citizenship, the last three years living in Germany.

In addition to martial arts, Musalaev was fond of studying history, literature, wrote poems and lullabies. Got two higher educations.

Earlier in mass media povilaitiene about the poisoning of the deceased eldest daughter of Uzbekistan’s President Gulnara Karimova. Later rodstvennikami rumors.