In Syria killed an American volunteer

American fought the ISIS militants in the composition of the Kurdish militia

American volunteers who fought on the side of the Kurdish militia in Syria, was killed Monday in a clash with militants of the “Islamic state” in the North of the country, said a Kurdish commander.

As reported, American was killed to the North of Raqqa, where the formation, supported by the United States, fighting with ISIS militants in offensive operations to liberate the city, which is the actual capital of the “Islamic state”.

The commander of the people’s protection Units (OEF), the main Kurdish armed group in Syria, confirmed the information about the death of American, but did not disclose further details. According to him, the ONS will publish a detailed statement on Tuesday. The source wished to remain anonymous.

Compliance is a key element of the movement “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS) that the U.S. support in the fight against “Islamic state”. In the ranks of the NDF, there are an unknown number of volunteers from other countries.

The body of an American will be sent to the city of al-Qamishli, and then in the Kurdish region of Iraq, and then will be transported to the US, said the employee of the Kurdish service of “Voice of America” in Syria, Mahmoud Bali. According to him, the Kurdish authorities contacted the U.S. Embassy staff in Baghdad to arrange transportation.

This is the fourth American killed in Syria this year while fighting with ISIS.

Levi Shirley from the city of Arvada, Colorado, in a mine explosion on July 14, Jordan McTaggart from the city of castle Rock, Colorado, died on August 3, and William savage of the city of Saint Marys, Maryland, died on August 10, fighting the detachment, which was two Americans and a Swede.