Hard fighting in the Donbass: we learned about the devastating and disastrous defeat of saboteurs “DNR” in Mariupol area

On the Mariupol direction terrorists “DNR” tried to break through the defense of the APU, but ran into stiff resistance of the Ukrainian troops, and were forced ignominiously to retreat.

About fighting collision has informed a press-the staff officer of anti-terrorist operation Alexander Kindsfater, it happened last November 26.

Kindsfater said that the separatists in recent days has sharply increased the number of attacks in the area of the antiterrorist operation, and almost all of them are committed in the direction of Mariupol, while the invaders are trying to “boss” and on other fronts.

“The militants came close to the Outpost of the Ukrainian military around Nice. Saboteurs from a distance of 300 metres started to shoot from the positions of AFU rocket-propelled grenades. To ward off the enemy, and fighters there were 10 people, the Ukrainian military had to open fire in response”,
– said the press officer.

He added that with the beginning of a new day the terrorists three times provocations in Gnutovo, Pavlopole and Shirokino.

Earlier it was reported that the data of the headquarters of the ATO hottest was last night on Mariupolska direction.

Terrorists fired at positions of our military prohibited weapons, missile systems, having in days about 40 attacks.