World record: the Ukrainian people have shown incredible results

A new world record in weightlifting: З7-year-old Ukrainian Larysa Soloviova, which is engaged in weightlifting and has repeatedly received the title of world champion, this time set a new world record.

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In 2013, Larissa has set her first world record in triathlon with the rod – 636,0 kg. in addition, been set two more world records in the individual exercises: squat with a barbell 235,0 kg and bench press – kg 166,0 Also Solovieva was not equal in the deadlift – 235,0 kg.

Following two world records she set in the bench press – 169 and 170 kg at the European Championships in 2015.

Now Open World Powerlifting Championships 2016 Ukrainian mastered the weight that exceeds its own almost in 3,5 times – 241 kg. Amazing results Ukrainka showed in the bench press – 180 pounds. And of course, she had no equal and in the deadlift with a score of 220 pounds.

I would also like to note that in these competitions the victory was won by Ukrainian athlete weightlifter Sergei White. In his weight class, he became a double world champion under the version of IPF, gathering in the triathlon 1012,5 kg.