Trump condemned Clinton for joining the recount of votes in three States

Earlier, Clinton stated that the losing party should accept the results of elections

The US President-elect Donald trump on Sunday criticized Democrat Hillary Clinton that her staff joined the recount of votes in three States where the Republican candidate won by a small margin. Trump recalled that during the televised debate, Clinton said that the loser should take the outcome of the election, even if she doesn’t like him.

In the course of a long campaign, the Republican trump declared that the election was “rigged” against him. However, he called the attempt by the candidate of the green Party Jill Stein to organize a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania “Scam” and ridiculed the decision of Clinton to join us in this work.

Trump’s advantage over Clinton was about 27 thousand votes in Wisconsin, 12 thousand – in Michigan and 68 thousand in Pennsylvania. Stein received about 1 percent of the vote in each of these States.

“Hillary Clinton admitted defeat when she called me shortly before my victory speech after the results, wrote trump on Twitter. – Nothing will change”.

In another tweet the President-elect, who is in his mansion in Florida, wrote: “When the Democrats thought they would win, they demanded that the count results on election night were taken. More they do not think so!”

During the third debate, when trump was behind Clinton in national polls, he said he would keep everyone “in suspense” as to whether he accepts the election results, if not win. Sunday in a series of tweets he recalled that former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who sought to become the first female President, called him an evasive answer as “terrible”, and stated:”We accept the results, even when we don’t like, and that is to be expected from everyone.”

Headquarters Clinton did not initiate a recount, believing that it won’t change the election results. But hundreds of supporters urged her to join efforts Stein translation in Wisconsin, which has already begun.