Shooting in New Orleans and Kansas city: one dead, 16 wounded

Police arrested the suspects of involvement in both incidents

One person was killed and 16 injured in two shooting incidents that occurred on Sunday night on the tourist strip of Bourbon street in New Orleans and in Kansas city, Missouri.

Ten people were injured in a shooting on Bourbon street around 1:30 local time. Eight men and two women were taken to hospitals, where one man died, the report said the New Orleans police Department.

The causes of the incident are established. Police arrested two people on charges related to the handling of weapons, including one wounded.

Authorities in New Orleans have increased the police presence in the city in connection with the annual match between the football teams of the two universities: Gamblingsome state (Grambling State University) and southern (Southern University).

In Kansas city, seven people were injured in the shooting, which began around 2:30 and turned into a gunfight between the suspects on the machines, said in a statement to the police. One of the injured is in critical condition.

The participants of the shooting traveled in three cars, driving, at least six blocks in the Eastern part of Kansas city, said the police.

One of the officers, fearing for the safety of their colleagues opened fire. One of the suspects, who were slightly wounded, said he was shot by the police. The police reported that it was conducting the interrogation of detainees.