Russia threatens Turkey conducted a “preliminary bombardment” in the media: “Soon our relations will worsen!”

After the killing of three Turkish soldiers aircraft “a great friend of Putin” Assad Russian publications began to write about the fact that relations between Russia and Turkey is once again threatened, and Moscow is “involved” in the conflict.

In Russian
the press vigorously debated the incident with the death of three Turkish soldiers in Syria
reports “Dialog UA”.

well-known edition of “the View” invited as an expert odious
the Deputy of the state Duma Konstantin Zatulin, known for its support
separatism and anti-provocative performances in Ukrainian
the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Zatulin in an interview claims that Moscow is not interested in
the worsening of relations with Ankara and, especially, in the war of Syria and Turkey, “In
if the accusation will have far-reaching consequences, we will try
to prevent such clashes”, – told the Deputy of the state Duma.

comments the authors write that Zatulin can never predict
listen if the Turks in this case to the arguments of Moscow, mentioning the
the impulsiveness and unpredictability of the Turkish leadership.

I remember the government of Syria by the Turkish army for some ground operations on
its territory was not invited,” – said Zatulin.

invited journalists to “Sight” the expert – the Director of the Center
the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov said that
Turkey has occupied part of a neighbouring country, “Syria as a party
under occupation, had to strike the occupiers”.

Bagdasarov says
what Erdogan is trying to deceive Russia, with Ankara at all seriously
intends to make friends with Moscow, but reconciliation was “simulated”.

the publication writes that in the case of retaliation, Ankara may begin the battles between
Turkish and Syrian troops.

case, it is possible that the relations between Turkey and Russia, will return to the same
the moment when a year ago killed a Russian su-24. As you know,
Syrian airspace cover for Russian anti-aircraft missile systems”,
– it is noted in the article “Relations between Russia and Turkey were again raised
under threat”.

the answer threatens to draw Turkey into conflict with Russia, which controls the Syrian
sky,” the newspaper quotes the Director of the center “Russia-East-West”
Vladimir Sotnikov, emphasizing the danger of a new situation.

We will remind, the Turkish General staff,informing about the three dead soldiers and 10 wounded, said
that airstrike on the positions of the Turkish army near the town of al-Bab and caused the aircraft
Bashar Al-Assad.

In turn, media reports suggest that therefore troops Asakatekstil of Tortoise
year ago shot down a Russian plane.

In turn, Ankara has promised not
leave the murder of its troops without a response.