New Volkswagen Arteon – CC replacement is shown for the first time

This is the new Volkswagen Arteon – a premium saloon which will make all of its debut at the Geneva motor show next March before replacing the soon-to-be discontinued CC.

It is described as sitting above the current Passat sedan Volkswagen, the Arteon is one of the first new models that are coming from the VW brand since the emissions of scandal that hit the company last year and that lead to the group’s restructuring in the last 12 months.

The Arteon is the replacement for the CC, Volkswagen four-door coupé ended production earlier this month. The CC was typically one of VW’s lower-selling models, with a little less than 4000 units sold in 2015.

The unique design pictured above is all that has been revealed of the Arteon of the design so far, but VW says the four-door car will come with a “very expressive, horizontally accentuated brand image.” As part of that gaze, the Arteon will come with a larger front grille and LED lights with 3D style. VW says that the car has frameless windows “reflect the typical style of the elements of a grand tourer”, while a great starter feature in the rear.

Previous leaked images appeared to show the Arteon of the design more clearly, but Volkswagen has not confirmed if they are original to the day of today the sketch is the only official image of the new car.

Part of the Arteon design seems to be inspired by the Sport Coupe GTE concept car that made its debut in Geneva last year. While the concept car featured a 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine, working in conjunction with an electric motor, it is understood that the production of Arteon will have most of its engine range of the current Passat line-up.

Announcing the car, Volkswagen Exterior Designer Tobias Sühlmann said: “At first glance, the Arteon awakens enthusiasm by its expressive design. Then surprises through its practical virtues. This combination is unique.”

The Arteon’s name, is said to reflect its rich artistic and emotional nature, and also his intention to sit as a model of high quality. The Phideon, VW’s executive lounge of China, it also bears the ‘aeon’ name.

After the Arteon debut in Geneva next year, a full market launch is planned for next summer. Although not confirmed, Autocar understands the Arteon will be on sale in the uk.

So far, Volkswagen has only applies to the brand of the Arteon name in its home market of Germany – the request was made in July of this year.