2017 Toyota Supra spotted with the production body

These new Toyota Supra spy pictures provide the best overview of the 2017 model of the design again, the car can be seen wearing a production body for the first time.

Previous development cars were bumper shared with the BMW Z5 development of the car, but today, the car has a larger front bumper with three grille openings, and the contour of its rear lights in horizontal can also be seen. The look is basically a toned-down version of the FT-1 concept, with a coupe roof – a distinct difference to the Z5, which has a soft-top of the hood.

Sharing the same platform, following the announcement of an extended partnership between the two brands last year, Supra is expected to arrive in 2018 shortly after his BMW Z5 counterpart.

The two models are configured to use a four wheel drive hybrid set-up incorporating a BMW gasoline engine and electric motors with the energy stored in super-capacitors.

The Supra is also expected to take advantage of the BMW carbon fiber used architecture existing in the i3, i8 and 7-Series.

The model is the long-awaited successor of Toyota to the abandonment of the cut, which went out of production in 2002. This new Supra-inspired FT-1 concept shown at Detroit in 2014 (below) and will sit above the GT86 in the Toyota line-up, making it the brand’s flagship sports car. It will also be much more expensive than the GT86, which is priced from £25,495, reflecting the advanced powertrain and construction.

Toyota previously hinted at a performance hybrid model in 2013, with the Yaris Hybrid-R, which used a 414bhp set-up consists of 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor on each rear wheel.

A super-capacitor, originally developed for the Toyota TS030 Hybrid Le Mans car for the storage of energy, has also been used on the car, and is likely to do so in the Supra. Since Toyota has not used the technical preview on the Yaris Hybrid-R again, it is very likely that we will see, in any way, the Supra.

Rachel Burgess and Jimi Beckwith