$10,000 for a child’s life: in Kharkov, the teacher wanted to sell one of his students on the bodies

In the Kharkov area the teacher was going to sell the organs of a 13-year old student for 10 thousand dollars. Police have prevented a terrible crime.

In the Kharkiv region police officers detained the werewolf under the guise of teaching. About this in his blog said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

He wrote that 4 months ago, the police received an announcement that one of the teachers of the Kharkiv boarding school for “difficult” teenagers to sell his 13-year-old student for 10 thousand dollars. She promised the buyers to bring the girl to the specified location and put them in the car. Yes, an additional fee in the amount of 1000 UAH, she has provided buyers, alluding to the fact that the girl necessary for the removal of her organs, information about the state of health of a teenager, and her medical records.

The speculator made one mistake – “buyers” was a fake and it is hunted by the police.

The suspect was detained in date of transmission of the pupil of the boarding school “buyers”. Law enforcement was surprised by the calmness and cynicism of a woman, she said that nothing in the act doesn’t see.

Now a grief-the teacher faces trial and from 3 to 12 years of imprisonment. The interior Minister promised to personally monitor the progress of the investigation and the court.

Earlier it was reported that in Chelyabinsk in the eyes of adults somacarrera 7-year-old child. None of the bystanders even tried to help the child.