Dentinho: “miner was a great game”

“Today the team showed just a great game. We created a lot of chances, scored four goals. Everything was perfect. We need to continue in the same spirit,” began the Brazilian.

“Very pleased with the win and I want to thank the coach because he trusts me and produces on the field. Happy with my goal. It turned out really beautiful. Would like to dedicate to his family and to all the fans that supported us today”.

“What’s the secret to such productivity? It is simple: we work a lot. If you do not surrender your best, any success will not. Every day in training, the Mr sends us their ideas, the team fulfills them, and then try to implement it all on the field.”

“We lack motivation. This aspect of the coach also takes special attention. We, on the other hand, try not to fail, no matter where we play, what opponent you meet. If you go out in a t-shirt of a miner, always extremely motivated, ready to show their best qualities,” added the Defender.