Ukraine largely bypassed Russia in the prestigious ranking: the Russian Federation has established a shameful record

The press service of FIFA has published a new rating of national football teams, according to which Ukraine was fixed at the 29th place of the list of the strongest football teams in the world.

The national team of Ukraine in November he played two matches and both of
they won. Within the first official match against Finland team
Andriy Shevchenko scored a victory with the account 1:0, late in the match against Serbia in
a friendly match that took place in Kharkiv, the Ukrainians won again a “dry”

The top position is the Argentine national team, on the second
place – Brazil. In third place came Germany.

Media noted that Russia continues to sink to the bottom
rating. Team of this country has set a new record rating, down
another two lines down. Now the team of Russia occupies 55-e a place. So low Russia has fallen
after the shameful defeat of the team of Qatar.

Recall that the Ukrainian fans during a match”blue-yellow” has won over the guests sang well-known obscene song-chant about Russian President Vladimir Putin, had previously Ukrainophile Finland (1:0).