The bloody massacre of animals in Kherson: two men stabbed 4 puppies for the appetizer for a feast.

The incident in Kherson in frames of normal consciousness does not fit, the whole town is buzzing. Two adults and a decent-looking men brutally murdered in front of young children four puppies. Killed with special sadist, despite the laments and pleas of the children.

In Facebook about the incident, the incident was reported Kherson
the society of protection of animals “4 paws”.

Public men
told that they received a phone call last November 18, that in a box in the Park
near VCT are eight puppies. While the men went to the place of discovery went
one of the activists to pokrenete tails before the arrival of the volunteers. When
the woman came, no box, no puppies were not.

“We thought they might
either taken already, or someone with frost moved into a cozy and warm place. And
then received another call from a man who was yelling into the phone about the rescue of the remaining
puppies. 4 dogs, two unidentified men in front of three children and the passers-by in the middle
broad daylight hard-killed”,- stated in the message.

As volunteers write one of their four-legged
knackers cut off the head, and the rest had their throats cut.

“The smell of blood was everywhere, all
box in blood. Dogs and died in a pool of blood. Next to them were other
puppies that have managed to survive,” said the social worker.

Skinner was detained by the police,
men even did not deny that he killed the puppies.

“Potato house, bow
there is oil, there are 1.5 liters of moonshine, and no meat” – quote men in

After detention of the man of steel
threaten anyone who called the police and volunteers that after their release they all
cut as puppies.

“They stood and smiled to them
it was fun. The remaining 4 puppies children were getting out of the shelter, all in blood and
scared,” explained volunteers.

As wrote earlier “Диалог.UA” in Russia, two revaderchi was posted in social networks photos
tortured animals and all discussed when and where they will catch
bezdenica to make the next torture. One of ipoderac boasted cohoke to go to the Donbass and kill people