Russia wild horror: in the United States discovered the largest oil field in history, Washington is ready to break the global market

In the United States of America, Texas, discovered the largest in the history of the state of oil field. According to experts, potentially there can be an average of more than 20 billion barrels of crude, 16 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and more than half a billion barrels of gas condensate.

According to RBC,
data deposits are located in the Permian basin. The reserves of the discovered basin in
several times higher than those that were found 3 years ago at the formation Bakken-Three

specialists in shock, as the largest field will strengthen the already
leading positions in Washington. In addition, there is the potential of finding other
deposits, which are actively engaged in the United States.

Previously ruthless
Donald trump promised forever
to kill Russia and Iran, sinking the world into American oil.