I do not expect, will be no breakthrough, Water will not “tough”: tough Ukrainian battalion broke off the plans of saboteurs “DNR”

The last day for Water were relatively calm, although the militants “DNR” do not leave their intentions to enter the protected APU territory, constantly send in this town your enemy dig.

The commander
units currently in the area of Water reported that for the day
the militants fired not only Water, but also its surroundings. The separatists in their
armed provocations used 120 mm mortars and mounted grenade launchers.

“The enemy is constantly “kicking the tires” and the defense forces
APU. Small groups of saboteurs systematically try to penetrate the Water.
Our soldiers are always on the alert, to adequately react and respond to only those
means which is permitted by the Minsk agreements”, – said Ukrainian

As previously reported,
militants in the past have denisoverlay fierce attempts to break through the AFU positions in the direction of Mariupol. At positions of the Ukrainian defenders invaders
several hours were beaten with fire from tanks and armored personnel carriers.