Deposits in dollars were the most profitable investments may

RBC estimates the monthly yield of the ten most popular ways to invest money. For calculations we take the conditional sum — 100 thousand rbl. — and see how much you can earn by investing it in various assets.


Placing dollar contribution of 100 thousand rubles, investors would have earned 2920 RUB “given that the average market rate on deposits in foreign currency now stands at around 1.5%, it is obvious that this increased yield are determined by the local growth rate in may,” — said the head of Department of development of non-credit products and remote services ICD Natalia Rosenberg.

Indeed, on 30 April, one American dollar was worth RUB 64,3, by the end of may — already 66 rubles, Euro exchange Rate for may did not change significantly. At the beginning and at the end of the month, the Euro was worth in the region of 73 rubles. Respectively, the yield of deposits in Euro in the past month amounted to only 0.37 percent.

Deposits in rubles would bring in may 780 RUB. This moderate yield Natalya Rozenberg relates to the fact that now all major banks have lowered rates.

Choose what currency to open a contribution, is based on personal savings strategy, recalls Rosenberg. “Conservative investors traditionally suited ruble deposits, she says. — And if you want to take the risk and increase potential returns, it makes sense to open short-term dollar Deposit with possibility of partial withdrawal and replenishment.”

A good rate of return in may might have brought real estate investment. Per month could earn 1900 RUB. According to the “IRN-Consulting”, at the end of may the average price of a square meter in new buildings of Moscow between the third ring road and MKAD amounted to 202 thousand rubles. For comparison, in April it cost 199 thousand. “the Price increased by 1% due to changes in the structure of the sentence. The share of affordable apartments has decreased thanks to the strong demand for housing economy and comfort class, and the proportion of more expensive apartments rose after the start of sales of several projects with prices higher than the market average,” explains the head of “IRN-Consulting” Tatiana Kalyuzhnova.

Thus, according to the Director of Department of new buildings “INKOM-real Estate” Julian Gutman, the investment activity of buyers in the primary market today is close to zero. The reason for the oversupply and reduced demand in all segments of the real estate market. “Moscow secondary housing market is also currently not of interest to investors, — said the Director of the Department of the secondary market “INKOM-real Estate” Sergey Shloma. — According to our calculations, currently the average payback period for a typical one-bedroom apartment, purchased on the Moscow secondary market for lease, is 19 years old with an average yield of 5.3% in rubles.”

Kalyuzhnova predicts that the price of Moscow housing will remain at the current level. The property is now worth buying, if you want to solve their housing problem, she said.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds in may was able to please the investor a yield of 1.1%. Of the ten largest mutual Funds, the best result was shown by the mutual Fund “Sberbank-Biotechnology” (+6,19%), the worst — Fund “Empire” (+0,23%). “Each mutual Fund are very different instruments — explains the asset Manager of UK “Opening” Vitaly Isakov. — Judging by the dynamics of markets, by the end of may the equity Funds are on average to the downside, and bonds in positive territory. Linked to this is generally moderate yield funds this month”.

Isakov also reminds us that mutual Funds is a tool for long — term investment horizon of at least a year, short-term investment not suitable for them. “If you are willing to invest for a period of more than a year, then it can be done in June,” he says.


Investing in the MICEX index of 100 thousand rubles, by the end of the month you can receive income only 520 rubles. For comparison, in April the stock could earn about 6 thousand rubles, General Director of “Sputnik — capital Management” Alexander Losev says that in the middle of may on investor sentiment was influenced by the publication of the minutes of the meeting of the Federal open market Committee, the fed increased likelihood that the fed may soon resume its rate hike cycle. “Accordingly, global markets could be in a situation of capital outflows, like the one that was observed in January, says Losev. — This was the reason for the termination of the rally in oil, and on most other platforms”.

The maximum yield in may showed the shares of FGC “UES” — 17,88%. The worst results of actions “FosAgro” (-11,58%). According to Losev, FSK “UES” has shown very good financial results for the first quarter of 2016, and the dividend yield is expected at about 11% per annum. “Rusagro” has spent SPO in London, but, according to Losev, the “no rush”. “The dynamics of the stock in London was not as what expected by the speculators, he says. — Prices have started to return to normal levels, and this was reflected in the Russian securities”.

In the future, should pay attention to oil stocks, recommends the following: today, they are undervalued, given the rise in oil prices, but their highs have not grown.


Store cash dollars or euros, according to RBC service “Market cash” in may was a mistake. Cash in dollars would bring a loss of 0.11%, in Euro — 2,95%. “Such profitability is apparently caused by changes in exchange rates, — says chief economist of “Renaissance Capital” Oleg Kuzmin. — In General, try to earn on a such small changes are always meaningless.”

Now, when the rate is variable, it is important to have a diversified portfolio of rubles and foreign currency, says Kuzmin. The currency component can include dollars and euros in the ratio 50 on 50%, however, the dollar’s share may be higher.

Precious metals

The worst investment may have investments in gold and silver (-3,91 and -7,77%, respectively). “In the last week there is a price downward correction ahead of June’s US Federal reserve meeting (June 14-15),” explains the analyst of Department on work with precious metals of Bank “Opening” Oksana Lukicheva. According to the Manager IK “Finam” Alexey Belkin, the prices are affected by two main factors: the demand from large hedge funds, on the other hand, the concerns of some investors that prices will go down.

While today’s world is a good time to buy precious metals, notes Lukicheva. According to her, the correction was removed from the market overvaluation of gold created in the last month. “In addition, began the low season, which puts pressure on prices through reduced demand for physical metal in the first place in Asia,” she says. And from the point of view of seasonality the best time to buy precious metals — June—July, as in the third and fourth quarters normally observed prices, she says.