23 years ago the U.S. passed a law about background checks when purchasing weapons

The reason for the adoption of the “Brady Law” was the assassination attempt on President Reagan

Twenty-three years ago today (Thursday) the U.S. Senate approved the “Brady Bill”, establishing a 5-day waiting period in the sale of firearms.

The adoption of the law contributed to an armed attack in 1981, the year of President Ronald Reagan, during which serious gunshot wounded his press Secretary James Brady. He was paralyzed until the end of his days he remained confined to a wheelchair.

The law was signed by U.S. President bill Clinton November 30, 1993.

The politics of gun control in the United States since then, much has changed. In some States, activists campaigning for the right of free purchase of weapons in recent years has seriously succeeded in weakening of control over the circulation of weapons. They have achieved this despite a series of mass killings in recent years. Including despite the killing of 26 people, mostly children, at an elementary school in sandy hook in 2012-m to year.

In the center of this political debate is the Second amendment to the U.S. Constitution which includes the phrase “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. For many Americans the right to gun ownership is an expression of patriotism. Those human rights activists fear that the Federal government can make excessive to the American society of restrictive measures. Supporters of the new restrictions argue that such restrictions will reduce the number of incidents with firearms. Now in such accidents annually kill about 12 million Americans.

What is the result?

The effectiveness of restrictive legislation studied in the course of research in Connecticut. Here the law requires that purchasers of weapons passed mandatory verification of personal data. This rule communicates the fact that the CT had a 40% decrease in the number of crimes with a deadly outcome and 15 percent the number of suicides.

During the two terms of his presidency, Barack Obama repeatedly made a special address to the country, after the various States occurred new cases of mass shooting. He expressed outrage and disappointment at the inability of lawmakers to toughen the rules of the free trade of weapons. After the tragedy at sandy hook, President Obama couldn’t even hold back the tears.

Attempts by the current President of the United States to press Congress for the adoption of the new restrictive amendments to Federal legislation have failed. Surveys conducted last year by service of studying of public opinion Gallup, showed that only a few Americans believe that the new legislative measures will help to stop the violence with weapons.

James Brady and his wife Sarah until the end of life fought for the adoption of stricter laws limiting access to weapons. Brady died in 2014.