Nikki Haley: biography

Future US Ambassador to the UN is the youngest Governor in the country

The daughter of immigrants from India, Nikki Haley, uroglena of Nimrata Randhawa became the first female Governor in South Carolina and today is the youngest Governor in the United States.

Haley was born in South Carolina and 13 years worked as an accountant in the family clothing store. She then received a degree in accounting in Clemson University.

Policy Haley started at the age of 32 years, in 2004, nominated for the post in the House of representatives of South Carolina. After winning the Republican primary, she came in the General election without opponents and became the first American of Indian descent, won elective office in South Carolina.

As a member of the house of representatives in 2009, Haley announced her intention to run for Governor. Her candidacy was supported by the presidential candidate from the Republican party MITT Romney and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Since Hayley took over as Governor in 2011, the unemployment rate in South Carolina fell to a record low in 15 years, according to its official website.

Last year, Haley drew the attention of the international community, issuing a decree to remove the Confederate flag from the state Capitol after mass shootings in the African-American Church in Charleston.