“Mad dog” who is willing to “break Russia apart”: the trump officially confirmed readiness to designate “brilliant” Mattis, the head of the Pentagon

The brand new President of the United States of America Donald trump has officially announced its willingness to appoint “a great General” and an ardent opponent of the Imperial policy of the Russian Federation James Mattis to head the Pentagon. The new occupant of the White house believes that this candidate is “a real boon”.

It is reported
Reuters reports “Диалог.UA”.

Meeting with Mattis
brought trump into a real delight: the newly elected American President
scattered compliments to the General and called it “a real boon”.
Answering the question, does this mean that Mattis will become the new Minister
of defense, trump said quite succinctly.

“We’ll see.
He’s just a brilliant, wonderful man. What a career, we’ll see what happens
on, but he’s a real catch,” said Donald trump.

However, according to the
as a recent competitor Hillary Clinton later spoke again about the person
Mattis on his page on the social network Twitter
we can assume that this assignment can be called a foregone conclusion.

James “Mad dog” Mattis, who is considered to the post of Minister
defense yesterday looked impressive. A real General, General!”, –
enthusiastically said trump.

Note that James
Matthis is an active critic of Barack Obama and has repeatedly criticized the administration
The white house’s lack of rigidity regarding Washington’s position on the war
in the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. In total, he
he served in the US army 34 years, he commanded the first marine division
States and Iraq, was the head of U.S. Central command.

He tirelessly repeated,
the war of Russia against Ukraine is a serious challenge for the West
therefore, Brussels and Washington are going to take a tough stance on
the aggression of Moscow.

The Nickname “Mad
dog” due to the fact that Mattis is a popular and very
decisive leader who is intellectually savvy and attentive to
problems of employees.

Earlier, we
reported that the US attorney General when trump could be Jeff sessions and the CIA
headed by Mike Pompeo. Both are supporters of the tough policy of confrontation

Well, for a snack
for those who were so happy in Russia to elect trump President of the United States, Secretary of state
may be the person who
promised to carry Russia “in tatters”.