Clinton received a c for two million more votes than trump

In some States, continued counting of votes

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for the presidential elections in the United States lost the race to Republican Donald Trump for the number of electors, to date, received dvuhmestnoe advantage in the course of counting the votes. The 45th President of the United States will be the trump.

In several States the vote count continues, and on Wednesday 23 November, the Clinton margin was 2 017 563. As expected, he could rise as counting of ballots continues in those States where she won, in particular in California, largest state on the West coast of the United States.

Regardless of how significant will be the gap, it will not change the outcome of the elections, held on the eighth of November. Clinton will be the fifth in U.S. history, a candidate in the presidential election – and the second in the past 16 years – won during the live voting, but the losers in the fight for the necessary 270 votes in the electoral College. In the framework of the bicentennial of the US electoral system the President is elected by a panel of 583 electors, representing the 50 States and the District of Columbia (Washington).

In some States, trump won with a slight advantage, whereas the former U.S. Secretary of state won a convincing victory in populous California and new York. According to the results of counting of votes in these States, Clinton won by direct vote, while trump, in all likelihood, rack up 306 votes to 232 votes cast for Clinton when counting the voting results of the election of the Board after the results will count in all States.

A billionaire construction tycoon trump is currently continuing work on the formation of his future Cabinet, in the past repeatedly criticized the two-stage electoral system of the United States, noting once that “really just brilliant that the system involves all States in the game – including small.”

Yesterday, during a meeting with journalists of the newspaper New York Times, the President-elect said that he “would rather prefer total vote” and “never been a fan of the electoral College to the present moment”, thanks to the existence of which he takes the White house in January 2016.