The Ministry of transport reported on the introduction of the “Plato” on trucks in the 3.5 ton

The Ministry of transport of Russia has not taken action on the introduction of fees from trucks from 3.5 tons, writes about this TASS with reference to the Agency.

“Research work is aimed only at identifying the feasibility of such actions. The performance of such work is a worldwide practice that is being implemented in many developed countries”, — stated in the message of the Ministry.

According to authorities “it is necessary to await the outcome” of the study.

“While talking about the fact that a fee will be introduced, and even more so on any terms is impossible, since the result may be, in particular, identify inappropriate and premature for such decisions”, — noted in the Ministry of transport.

On the eve of Wednesday 23 November, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to one of the Federal officials and similar contract that appeared on the website of public procurement, announced that the Ministry of transport is studying the possibility of extending the system “Platon” on small trucks weighing 3.5 tons.

According to interlocutors of the edition, the contract was signed in June this year, the PKU “Rostransmodernizatsiya” and the Higher school of Economics. Director of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Mikhail Blinkin then said to the publication that work on the implementation of the contract is not finished yet.

At the moment, the “Plato” applies to trucks with a maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes, while the fee will be charged at a reduced rate of 1.53 Euro per 1 km.