Telegram Telegraph launched a platform for the publication of texts and videos

MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti/Prime. The messenger Telegram launched a platform Telegraph ( that allows you to publish text, photo and video, said in a blog Telegram.

“There is a decision Telegraph. In it, you can write an article with images, headings, lists, and any other markup that will be opened in readable form directly in the Telegram”, — stated in the message.

To use the service, you need to write an article on and post a link to it in the Telegram (e.g. on a channel). The browse button the article will appear automatically.

In addition, the company launched snapshot view articles from the comfort of Telegram. You want to send someone any link to the site where you published the article, and click the button under preview. While supported about a dozen sites, but over time the list will be expanded.